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Vision and Purpose.

We create core documents that add vision and purpose to your day-to-day decisions and tools you can use for future decision making.

A La Carte Services

Flat fees. Fair rates. Unbundled services.

Perhaps you need one or two documents or you just need help navigating a specific, short-term business transaction or relationship. Counselwise Legal is here to help and we have a pricing structure with no hidden fees. If you are not sure, visit the Case for Corporate Counsel to help you determine your legal counsel needs.

If you’ve determined that an A La Carte option would work best for you, we are happy to work with you and your needs. We have several documents and services that are available at an individual price.



The following Counselwise solutions typically can be performed for $475:

  • Notice Letter (Cease & Desist; Takedown; Change Notice, etc)

  • Simple Contract (Review or Create, typically 3-5 pages)

  • Trademark Registration & Counsel

  • NDA Review & Counsel

  • Non-compete Review & Counsel

  • Annual Compliance

  • Strategy Analysis

  • Creation of Single Member LLC


Should you find yourself in need of more, or have a different set of legal concerns or questions, give us a call. You may also consider a Subscription Service. Have you visited our Case for Corporate Counsel page? It offers some helpful tools for determining which of our services might work best for your business.

*prices subject to change, please call us for an accurate quote or proposal