If innovation, creativity & diversity are valued within your organization, you can expect conflict to arise.  

It's Not Easy to Face The Unexpected Changes that Will Arise in Your Business.

How you Choose to Face them Matters.

We help clients Return from the Conflict Mindset, Face Diversity, create & facilitate conflict Dialogues, Address Disruption, & reach successful Resolution.

Resolving Conflict & Negotiating Relationship Changes

Our clients receive ongoing support from us concerning the fluctuations that arise during the lifetime of their organizations - in both high and less high times.

When conflicts escalate, we are prepared to meet it with innovative dispute resolution techniques developed in mediation and arbitration, and restorative justice.  Our approach has succeeded in resolving commercial disputes in key business relationships, workplace conflict and change initiatives, and among diverse boards of directors.

We offer a full range of confidential business legal services, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation, investigation, consulting and training – always customized to fit our client's specific needs and objectives.

We also serve as settlement counsel for clients involved in a litigation who prefer settlement negotiations be handled by a lawyer who is not involved in the courtroom process, or who is independent of counsel appointed by the client's insurers.