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inclusive plans

Have legal counsel when you need it, and work on core aspects of your business to bring clarity and help you make solid day-to-day decisions.

Throughout the life of your business the law will impact many key decisions.  The priority and consequences are vastly different depending on the kind of business you’re in. You should choose a lawyer who understands the nuances of your industry who you can go to with legal questions. 

Common Topics that Arise in Day-to-Day Operations:

Confidential information & intellectual property

  • Independent Contractors

  • Boards of Directors

  • Customer feedback or tensions 

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Reorganization

  • Succession Planning

  • City, state & federal government laws

  • Contracts

  • Privacy & data collection

  • Personal Guarantees

  • Retaining Talent

  • Firing Employees

  • Creating Benefits Plans

Each client’s unique culture affects their business and legal decisions, and will lend to the coherence or lack of coherence in their business relationships.

Scheel Legal can help by offering a subscription-based plan that allows us to learn your business, and help you gain clarity and growth.

inclusive Subscription Plans

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Founder/Board Clarity

Starting at $475/month

Month-to-Month Plan

Initial Assessment Conference

1-3 brief legal Q & Conferences per month

1-3 Due Diligence Searches per month

Monthly 1/2 hour Check In Call

10% Discount off A La Carte Menu

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+ Document Clarity

Starting at $795/month

Month-to-Month Plan

15% off A La Carte Menu

Includes All Founder/Board Clarity Benefits plus:

Contract Integrity

Policy Creation & Counsel

10-25 pages of Document Reviews per month

1/2 hour Document Improvement Counsel

3-5 Legal Searches

1-3 Negotiation Rounds or Written Notices

Biannual Policy Review and Improvement

Annual Executive or
Fiduciary Report

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+ Creating / Re-Creating
Your Foundation

Starting at $2,775/month

2 or 3 Month Commitment
(option to shift downward or upward from there)

25% off A La Carte Menu

Includes All Founder/Board Clarity and Document Clarity Benefits plus:

3 Months of Core Focus: 
Begins with Strategy Analysis
(Legal + Financial Intelligence)

1 monthly project focused on a key aspect of your business:

Clarify Founding Vision & Corporate Culture Policy


Coherent Governance Documents

Annual Compliance Notices & Compliance Monitoring

Contract Negotiation & Counsel Employment

Benefits Plans

Understanding Securities