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We’ve worked with hundreds of creators and innovators and explore all the possibilities of YES.

We create clarity in your partnerships and collaborations so you can move forward together.

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  • Energy Services, Financing & Large Capital Projects

  • Healthcare: Physicians, Dentists, Practice Management, Partnerships, IT Services

  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical R&D and EPC

  • Software Engineering & Licensing

  • Defense R&D

  • Technology Entrepreneurs

  • Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Co-ops: Transportation, Privacy, Advertising, Utility, Arts, Farming, Grocery, Manufacturing, and Retail Businesses

  • Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Franchises

  • Emergency Services

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Transportation Service Providers & Rideshare

  • Gig Economy

  • Government Contracting

  • Women-Owned, Minority-Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Certifications

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General Corporate Counsel

  • An international energy company engaged us to negotiate engineering and constructions contracts

  • Technology clients hired us to draft and negotiate hundreds of high volume Master Service Agreements, bank guarantees, and real estate transactions

  • An R&D and defense company trained key employees on corporate risk policies and contracting procedures, FCPA and anti-bribery compliance, and export controls.

  • An energy services company engaged us for all aspects of buying and selling divisions within the organization.  We performed the due diligence investigations, negotiated asset purchase agreements, and managed ownership transition.

  • Fortune 100 technology company hired us to negotiate large capital projects, including EPC contracts, government contracts, and IP licensing agreements.

  • High-growth IT and data security services company engaged us to draft and negotiate Master Service Agreement, key supplier agreements, employee retention agreements, convert LLC to a minority owned business, manage insurance, and counsel throughout entry into new markets.

  • Life sciences company engaged us to negotiate joint venture with global distributor for new product development and distribution.

  • Transportation cooperative association hired us for formation, board training and development, policy creation, navigating City code, and creation of business owned by >600 members.

  • Publicly funded nonprofit organization engaged us to investigate and prosecute embezzlement of >$200K by key employee.

  • Hundreds of new organizations have hired us for strategic formation and structural development: for profit, B corps, hybrid structures, nonprofit organizations and obtained tax exemptions. 

  • Served on several Boards of Directors and active member of Impact Austin.

Successful Business Transactions

  • Commercial real estate lease transactions and guarantees in aggressive real estate markets for small and large businesses.

  • Secured notes and perfection of security interests.

  • Investor-ready organizations and negotiations with potential investors.

  • Founder exits.

  • Standard Terms & Condition of sale or warranties.

  • International distribution agreements and export controls.

  • Key employee retention, NDAs, employment matters.

  • Dissolve business partnerships, including dentist transferring interests in dental practice; cofounder and major shareholder in company’s request for his resignation and buyout; hostile takeover.

  • Creation of healthcare professional services businesses.

  • Physician's retirement due to disability.

  • Franchisee formation, negotiation of franchise agreement, and corporate loan documentation.

  • Buying or selling a family owned business.

  • eCommerce and Internet businesses, dealing with privacy, harassment, IP theft and enforcement.

  • Non-compete agreements - negotiation and enforcement.

  • Cease and Desist.

  • Responding to Public Information Requests.

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