You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s some of the most common questions we receive. If you have a concern or a question that isn’t listed here, please reach out to us.


Couselwise Legal knows what it's like to be a creative entreprenuer. We come from a background of innovators and outside the box thinkers. Our values are empowerment, education, and collaboration.

We operate with a "yes" mindset - that is, we're looking for all the possibilities within the law to solve a problem for you.

When we communicate regularly, your project is more successful. But the traditional law firm model creates tension around that. We’ve shifted gears so that our work prioritizes relationships first.

Our project schedule includes:

Face to face meetings Video conferencing Regular check-in calls

+ What are your rates?

There are two options to working with us: A La Carte or Subscription based. Within our subscription plans, there are multiple levels that we offer to best meet your needs and concerns. Moving between the levels is open and totally up to your needs. For more details, and to help you determine which model might work best for you, please visit our Case for Corporate Counsel page.

+ How large is the team? Will I get shuffled around between team members?

There are currently two lawyers on the Counselwise Legal team. While we may consult with each other on various clients, we do not shuffle you around. Our goal is to put client relationships first and consistency in communication and interaction is key to that relationship.

While we do have a blog with some available resources, our blog is not to be considered legal advice. If you have a specific question, please schedule a call with us.