The Case for Corporate Counsel

How will corporate counsel improve your life?

At some point businesses face issues where:

  1. The law is unclear or unhelpful;

  2. Your business and relationships are too important to risk; 

  3. You're dealing in high-stakes liability; or

  4. It's time to make a major change.

All of these things can be managed with a little help from an attorney.  The wisest, and often the cheapest, move is to retain an experienced business lawyer to stay ahead of any potential problems.  

Clients regularly rely on us to:

  • Prepare essential agreements for business partners;

  • Create contracts specific to their business;

  • Purchase or sell an existing business;

  • Negotiate commercial real estate deals;

  • Create and implement policy or values-based initiatives;

  • Counsel on employment laws or terminations;

  • Train Boards of Directors;

  • Work with local, state, or federal governments concerning complaints or violations of any laws.

Common Times Young Businesses Seek Legal Counsel:

  • Entity Selection (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Co-Op. Nonprofit, Benefit Corp.)

  • > 1 business owner

  • Understanding or creating business bylaws or other contracts  

  • Outside funding by loan or investment.

  • Leasing office space.

  • Operating in a new or highly regulated industry like healthcare, education, transportation, cannabis, or agriculture.

  • Hiring employees or setting up employment policy, compensation agreements or benefits.

  • Special business qualification like Women-Owned Business Enterprise, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise, or Minority-Owned Business Enterprise?

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We have multiple subscription levels available. Visit our Subscription Services page to view them. If you think A La Carte services might fit your needs, visit our A La Carte page for a list of offered services and available document preparations.


Has it been awhile?

If you did not engage a lawyer in the startup phase or it’s been more than two years since you've worked with a lawyer, let's schedule a legal review.