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Kristin Scheel Downes, Corporate & Securities Attorney

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Attorney Kristin Scheel Downes is an entrepreneur, employer, business partner, wife, mother, and dog lover. Kristin represents growing businesses and the entrepreneurs who own them as they face various legal and regulatory complexities and change over the course of their business life. She is passionate about helping people build thriving businesses, create good jobs, and make big contributions to their community, and brings a depth of corporate experience to her work.

Kristin grew up in Houston, Texas, after family relocated from Virginia to Houston in the 1960s with the opening of the hub of human spaceflight activity, the Johnson Space Center. She learned the values of hard work, ambition, creativity, and passion from her grandmother and grandfather who were enthusiastic about their careers at NASA through their retirements.

Young in her career, Houston offered Kristin invaluable opportunities to serve as legal counsel in vast and complex local and international business environments. She and her family are grateful to call Bend, Oregon, home since 2017.

Kristin graduated in the top of her class from South Texas College of Law (2004), and received Bachelor's degree in Economics from Texas A&M University (2001).  She is admitted to practice law in the States of Oregon and Texas.   

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